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A Gift to You, and a Gift to Those in Need

How would you like to have a little gift this holiday season? By skipping your loan payment(s) with Bangor Federal Credit Union, you can help the Campaign for Ending Hunger while giving yourself a little extra cash. Use the extra funds on gifts for your family, a weekend getaway, or whatever you want. Consider it a little extra holiday cheer for you and those in need!

Since 1990, credit unions across the state of Maine have collectively raised over $9.4 million for the cause. As you skip your payment on your loan(s), know that every dollar donated remains here within our local communities. We believe that with your help we can continue to work together and end hunger in our state.

To apply for the Holiday Skip-A-Payment Program:

  • Fill out the form completely and submit it through online/mobile banking, or print and return it to any one of our four Bangor Federal locations. Mail-in applications will be considered in a case-by-case basis as postal delivery may impact processing times. Contact our Lending Department with any questions regarding submission.
  • Make a minumum contribution of $15 per loan being skipped. All proceeds go towards the Campaign for Ending Hunger in Maine. Payment is due at form submission.

Don’t delay! This offer is good October 1, 2022 through January 31, 2023!

Click Here to Print Skip-A-Payment Form

Just a few things to note: real estate, mobile home, and/or past due loans unfortunately are not eligible for this offer. Loans with GAP insurance may be affected if payout claims are made. Loans are only eligible for Skip-A-Payment 90 days after the opening date. Please feel free to contact any member of the Lending Department at 207-947-0374 with any questions regarding eligibility, terms and conditions, or any other aspects of this offer. Thank you for your continued generosity and Happy Holidays from Bangor Federal Credit Union!

*IMPORTANT TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By participating in the Bangor Federal Skip-A-Payment program, you request that your loan payment(s) be deferred as indicated. You agree and understand that; 1) finance charges will continue to accrue during and after the deferred periods, 2) deferring payments will result in higher total finance charges than if payments were made as originally scheduled, 3) payment deferrals will require extra payments past the original maturity date and a possible increase in the final payment, 4) any credit insurance coverage you have on this loan does not cover any deferred payment(s), 5) payments will resume the following month, 6) and there is a minumum $15 per loan contribution for each Skip-A- Payment. Effective: October 1, 2022. Offer expires January 31, 2023. Federally Insured by NCUA.


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