Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)

Just touch the screen of the ITM, and we’ll bring the lobby to your car!

Interactive Teller Machine Just Touch it Graphic

There are plenty of things we tell our children and grandchildren not to touch –like the cat’s litter box, the water in the toilet bowl, or absolutely anything in the grocery store. Thankfully, the screens of Bangor Federal’s Interactive Teller Machines won’t break if they’re touched. In fact, our ITMs are meant to be touched! You can change your mantra from “don’t touch that”to “just touch it”with our new ITMs. Now you can do practically anything from the driver’s seat that you would do in our lobbies —it’s like having a teller riding shotgun.

Here's what our ITMs have to offer: 


Our ITMs offer features that improve the security of your transactions. Simply touch the screen to speak with a teller. If you are uncomfortable saying your account number aloud, you can type it using the pin pad, or by initiating an on-screen chat with a representative.

Extended Hours

All of our ITMs are open from 9am – 6pm Monday through Friday, and 9am – 1pm on Saturday—giving you more flexibility to do your banking! 

Transaction Options

Our ITMs offer our members much more than an ATM, and you don’t need a Bangor Federal debit card to use it. You can deposit checks and cash in any denomination, make loan or credit card payments in seconds, and acknowledge your transactions with the click of a button—no signature necessary! 


ITMs are the future of banking—and Bangor Federal is one of the first to bring this technology to the area. Don’t worry, our ITMs also function as an ATM, so if you simply wish to check your balance or make a withdrawal, you can do that, too.

View the video below to see what our ITMs can do!



At Bangor Federal, 

We're always finding ways to improve our member experience. Touch it for yourself at one of our 
ITM locations, and don't be afraid to bring the kids with you. 


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