Visa Debit Card Text Alert Notification

Bangor Federal will soon be offering a text alert system to notify members of fraudulent transactions.

Text Alert Notification Image
The Staff at Bangor Federal are committed to providing you the most advanced fraud protection solutions available. 

Because of this commitment, on January 23, 2018, the new text alert system will be active to notify you of fraudulent transactions.

You will receive a Debit Card Fraud Alert Activation similar to the image to the right.

When you reply YES to confirm your enrollment, you will receive text messages whenever we suspect fraudulent activity on your debit card. If you reply NO, a contact number to call and review recent transactions will be provided.

If you do not receive an activation text message on January 23, 2018, and wish to receive fraud alerts via the text feature, please call the Accounting Department at 207-947-0374 or 800-540-0374.