Schedule of Fees

This schedule of fees is accurate as of 6/01/2018, but is subject to change thereafter.


Savings Account Fees    
New Account Fee $5  
Account Fees    
Return Item Fee (including Home Equity) $28 Per Item
Inactivity Fee $5 Per month after 12mos inactivity
Dormant Account Fee $25  Per account escheatment
Overdraft and/or Member Privilege Fee $28 Per Item*
Check Copy $2 Per Check
Stop Payment $25 Per Item
Account Reconciliation Fee $25 Per Hour
Account History $2 Per History
Foreign Check Item Fee $8 Per Item
Withdrawal Transfer Fee $2.50 Per Transfer
Returned Deposited Item (for personal accounts) $20 Per Item
Returned Deposited Item (for business accounts) $10 Per Item
Substitute Check $5 Per Check
Returned Statement Fee $2 Per Statement
Check Printing Fee   Varies by style
Other Service Fees (applies to all accounts)    
 Account Research Fee  $25 Per Hour
 Foreign Currency Purchase Fee  $27 Per Order
 Money Order  $2 Per Item
 Cashier's Check  $2 Per item <$1000
 Cashier's Check Copy  $10 Per Item
 Stop Payment Cashier's Check/Money Order  $25 Per Item
 Outgoing Wire Transfer (domestic)  $20 Per Transfer
 Incoming Wire Transfer (domestic)  $10 Per Transfer 
 Outgoing Wire Transfer (foreign)  $40 Per Transfer
 Incoming Wire Transfer (foreign)  $20 Per Transfer
 Outgoing Share to Share Transfer  $10 Per Transfer
 Incoming Share to Share Transfer  $2.50 Per Transfer 
 Visa Gift Cards  $3 Per Card
 Reloadable Visa Card  $6 Per Card
 Reloadable Visa Card-Joint Owner  $2.50 Per Card
 Reload Fee (Reloadable Visa Cards)  $3 Per Reload
 Reloadable Visa Travel Card  $6 Per Card
 Reloadable Visa Travel Card-Joint Owner  $2.50 Per Card
 Reload Fee (Reloadable Visa Travel Cards)  $3 Per Reload
 Electronic Funds Transfer Fees    
 ATM Withdrawals FREE  @ SurF ATMs
 Point-of-Sale FREE  
 Visa Debit Card Purchase FREE  
 Online Banking, Shared Branching, CUe-Statement,
 iTalk Banking, Check Imaging, eAlerts, Mobile Banking, Mobile Deposit
 New Visa Debit Card $5 Per Card
 Replacement Visa Card Fee $5 Per Card
 Bill Pay: Regular Member Accounts FREE 10 bills per month - $1.00 per bill after 10 free
             Business Accounts $5 Per month for up to 10 bills - $1.00 per bill after 10
             Inactivity Fee (Regular Member Accounts) $5 Per month after six months of Bill Pay Inactivity
             Expedited Payments $19.95 Overnight
  $14.95 Second Day Rush
             Gift Checks $2.99 Per Item
             Charitable Donation Checks $1.99 Per Item
 Expedited Bill Payment (ACH) $10 Per Item
 Expedited Bill Payment (Overnight Check) $25 Per Item
 Outgoing Apex Transfers $10 Per Month/Per Transfer
 Outgoing External Transfer $2.50 Per Transfer


*Overdraft fees may be imposed on transactions created by check, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means. Overdrafts may not be paid if the account is not in good standing. Member Privilege may be available 30-days after the checking account has been opened. You have 30-days to repay and bring the account to a positive end-of-day balance.