Online Banking Services


Our secure Online Banking service provides real-time Internet access to your Bangor Federal accounts.  With Online Banking you can enjoy FREE eAlerts, eStatements, and check images!

 Bangor Federal Online Banking

Online Banking gives you access to all of these great features and more:

  • Get account, loan, and credit card balances and histories
  • Setup real-time eAlerts for important events on your account
  • Built-in Personal Financial Management reporting to see where you are spending your money
  • Create a budget
  • Download transaction history in Quicken file format!
  • Create customized dashboards
  • Setup recurring transfers and payments
  • Make transfers between Bangor Federal accounts
  • Make payments on your Bangor Federal loan or credit card
  • Open new Club, Certificate, Checking or Money Market accounts
  • Access BillPay
  • Reorder Checks
  • Communicate with us via secure email
  • Access check copies and statements


Get real-time notification via email and text messages when important transactions occur on your account. Set up and manage your own customized eAlerts through your Online Banking for FREE!

Get notified when you have a low balance, NSF, Direct Deposit, check cleared, maturing certificates, large withdrawal, loan payments due and much more.

Check Images

Need a copy of a check that cleared your account? Get it FREE through Online Banking!


CUe-Statements provides a free electronic version of your paper statement.

  • Review up to 18 months of statements to save as a document file or print it.
  • No more private information sitting in your mailbox!
  • Statements reside securely within your Online Banking, protected by multiple authentication layers and must be logged into to access.
  • No worrying about the risks associated with account statements lost in the mail!

You can sign-up through your Online Banking by clicking on the eStatements tab.

Is my account secure online?

Yes. At Bangor Federal, we take our obligation to protect our members seriously. Upon logging in you'll be asked to choose a user name to log on. Then, you'll be asked to select and answer questions that will further verify your identity. The questions you can choose from are simple, but with answers only you will know. If we ever detect any uncharacteristic or unusual activity involving your accounts, you may be asked these questions to verify your identity. While this rarely happens, it's always good to know that your credit union is looking out for you online. We will also ask you to pick a picture and set a security phrase which you will see when entering your password on future logins. When you see the your security picture and phrase, you’ll know you are logging in on the proper site.

How do I sign up? 

Click on the Register link in the Online Banking Login box on our home page. This will take you through the registration process. Once complete, you will also have access to Mobile Banking.

What do I do if I forget my password? 

Enter your username in the username field and click Login. On the Password page, click Forgot Password next to the password field. You will be taken through the process to reset your password.

What do I do if I'm locked out? 

If your account is locked out, it means you have exceeded the maximum allowed unsuccessful logon attempts. Please call the credit union to have your account unlocked.

 Online Banking Q&A


When registering, it’s asking for my account number. What number is it referring to?

Use your savings account number, not your checking account number. No dashes or zeros should follow the account number.

I’m having trouble finding some things. Where do I find them?

Here is a list of commonly used items and where you can find them:

  • Loan and Credit Card payments – located under the ‘Loans’ tab submenu
  • Loan advances from a line of credit – located under the ‘Loans’ tab submenu
  • History – From the ‘Account’ tab, click on the deposit or loan account that you want to view and you will be directed to the history for that account.

How do I change the amount of time before it logs me out?

Click ‘Profile’ at the very top of the page. In the Sign In Info section, click ‘More Details’. Click ‘Edit’ next to the Timeout option.

Learn more by clicking on one of our ONLINE BANKING VIDEOS below.


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