Mortgage Loans


First Mortgages

Bangor Federal offers first mortgage loans for the purchase or refinance of an existing home. We service our own mortgage loans! To have one of our knowledgeable and friendly Loan Officers discuss your first mortgage needs, please call 207-947-0374. Rates can change daily, please call for current rates.

Home Equity Loans

We offer two types of home equity loans. We offer a variable rate line of credit called a Home Equity Line of Credit. We also offer a fixed rate, fixed term option called an Easy Equity Loan. For more information contact one of our Loan Officers at 207-947-0374.

Mobile Home on Land Loans

We will finance a mobile home on land that is up to 15 years old. Call 207-947-0374 for rates, terms and more information.

CU Promise Home Loans

As advertised on television, Bangor Federal participates in the CU Promise Home Loan program. CU Promise home loans are for the purchase of a home. Refinancing an existing home loan is not eligible.

The CU Promise loan offers great terms, great service, and great rates. But it also comes with three very important guarantees:

  • Guaranteed Same-Day Loan Decision.
  • Guaranteed Closing Date.
  • Guaranteed Local Servicing.

CLICK HERE to visit the CU Promise website for more information!