Youth Accounts

Our Bangor Federal Monty Moose and Teen Accounts are designed to grow with your children while encouraging them to save money and learn how to make good financial decisions at an early age!


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Monty Moose Club Account

As your young child and or grandchild learn to save and plan for their future, we want to help them along their financial journey. The Monty Moose Club Account has many benefits and features that we’ve shared with you below.

  • A great tool for kids 12 and under to learn about saving.
  • Each deposit made at one of our branches earns your child Monty Moose Bucks*, which can be redeemed for cool prizes at Monty's Trading Post!
  • When you stop into any one of the three credit union branches on the 3rd Friday of the month to make a deposit to a Monty Moose Club Account, that account will receive DOUBLE Monty Moose Bucks!
  • Can open one with an adult to sign on as joint owner.
  • On the child's thirteenth birthday, the account will convert to a regular savings account.

Teen Checking

Now that your child and/or grandchild is a teen, it is really important to share with them the concept of how money works both with saving and spending. With the Bangor Federal Teen Checking Account, we can share financial knowledge with them and guide them through the process of keeping a checkbook register, tracking spending, and balancing their account to keep it in the black.

We’ve listed out a few perks of the Teen Checking Account for you below.

  • Members are eligible for the program on their 13th birthday – we’ll send them a Happy Birthday letter and $25 Voucher so they can open their new checking account.
  • They will can apply to receive a FREE Visa Debit Card. 
  • You will both have complete 24/7 access with Online and Mobile Banking.

It’s a great all-around tool for teaching financial responsibility while still having the ability to practice great savings habits. 

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*Maximum $100 per deposit per day to a Monty Moose Account to receive Monty Bucks ($10 total Monty Bucks per day earned). Maximum $100 Monty Bucks redeemed per calendar year.