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Unclaimed Property and Dormant Accounts

Unclaimed Property consists of money and other personal assets that are considered lost or abandoned when an owner cannot be located after a specified period of time. In the financial institution industry, this includes checking accounts, share certificates, and savings accounts. 

What is Unclaimed Property?

Each year Bangor Federal is required to escheat or submit funds to the State of Maine after an account has been dormant for three years. This submission to the state typically happens when the credit union has been unsuccessful reaching an account owner(s). Prior to the three-year funds submission period, Bangor Federal will send notification to the member to make them aware that they account is dormant.  

Avoiding escheatment to the State of Maine is simple. By periodically doing a  deposit, Electronic Funds Transfer from another account, or an Online Banking transaction, your account remains in active status. Should you find that you are unable to conduct a transaction such as these a phone call to the credit union notifying us that you want to keep your account open and continue to remain a member with Bangor Federal is sufficient too. 

Should you find that funds have already been submitted to the state, receiving a refund is as simple as visiting and clicking the Search Unclaimed Property link. This allows you to search and claim any lost money that you may have from other financial institutions.

More information regarding the Maine Unclaimed Property Act can be found by following this link or by calling the credit union anytime at 207-947-0374.

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