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We have a little gift for you this holiday with the Skip-A-Payment Program!

The holiday season will soon be upon us, and we’ll want to make the most of our gift giving and charitable contributions to help those in need.

For each applicable loan, and a minimum donation of $10 per qualifying loan to the Credit Union’s Ending Hunger in Maine Campaign, you are able to skip your October, November, or December loan payment(s)*.  Just a couple things to note: real estate, mobile home, and/or past due loans unfortunately are not eligible for this offer. Loans with GAP insurance may only skip two payments over the life of the loan.

Since 1990, credit unions across the state of Maine have been actively raising funds to help end hunger. To date, the Credit Union Campaign for Ending Hunger has raised over $9.4 million! These collaborative efforts are necessary to help reduce the amount of food insecure households in our state. Fundraisers such as the Holiday Skip-A-Pay Program, are a necessity to make sure that our friends and neighbors have healthy and nourishing food for themselves and families.

To apply for the Holiday Skip-A-Payment Program;

Don’t delay! This offer is good now through December 31, 2021!


*IMPORTANT TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This offer expires December 31, 2021. By participating in the Bangor Federal Skip-A-Payment Program, you request that your loan payment(s) be deferred as indicated. You agree and understand that; 1) Finance charges will continue to accrue during and after the deferred period; 2) deferring payments will result in higher total finance charges than if payments were made as originally scheduled; 3) payment deferrals will require extra payments past the original maturity date and a possible increase in the final payment; 4) any credit insurance coverage you have on this loan does not cover any deferred payment(s); 5) payments will resume the following month; 6) and there is a minimum $10 per loan contribution for each Skip-A-Payment.

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