Heart of Ellsworth

Promoting artistic, economic, educational, environmental, cultural, and historic activities in downtown Ellsworth to provide a vibrant community for all residents, businesses, non-profit organizations and local Government.
Heart of Ellsworth is a community organization founded with the goal of promoting “artistic, economic, educational, environmental, cultural, and historical activities” in downtown Ellsworth. Heart of Ellsworth is dedicated to supporting downtown Ellsworth’s economic and cultural vitality through concentrated efforts in the areas of design, organization, promotion, and economic revitalization while protecting the city’s unique and historic character. Bangor Federal Credit Union has been a proud partner of Heart of Ellsworth's mission for the last several years.

Since its inception, Bangor Federal has been a proud sponsor of the Heart of Ellsworth’s Downtown Grants program. The Downtown Grants program is an entrepreneurial program that aims to connect Ellsworth business people to resources and opportunities to advance their growth. Businesses and start-ups alike submit funding proposals to Heart of Ellsworth for consideration. Heart of Ellsworth’s tagline speaks to their overall mission: "By investing in our Main Street community, we are supporting the future of small business."

In 2023, Heart of Ellsworth disbursed $11,000 in grant funding to 11 businesses in downtown Ellsworth. Business owners were able to use the funding to achieve significant outcomes,
  • Adding a new tapline and buying equipment to offer more beverage options to meet increasing consumer demand.
  • Investing in a marketing strategy that has yielded new clients.
  • Purchasing and installing an oven that enabled the business owner to secure a new, large wholesale account.
  • Offering new events that increased brand awareness and revenue.
  • Improving the appearance of a storefront facade to increase foot traffic.
  • Developing new web pages to promote additional services, which increased demand for those services.
  • Investing in photography equipment and social media expertise to increase engagement with social media profiles and increase foot traffic.
"Because of the Downtown Grant Award, I was able to connect with three new organizations and will collaborate with them and their physical spaces to host flower workshops. I will be able to pop-up our business in three new locations as well as four returning partner locations this season for workshops."

- Molly Friedland, Little Red Flower Truck
Heart of Ellsworth offers free benefits for participating business owners and entrepreneurs. They're here to support, communicate, meet one-on-one, and partner with you to strategize and take action to accomplish your business goals. To learn more about their marketing opportunities, business programs, events, networking resources, and advocacy, visit their website.

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